Top 10 Digital Water Timers for Irrigation

There are more digital water timers to discover in the market and most of them inquired me to which is the best one for their needs, for this purpose I am describing top 10 digital water timers that functions pertaining to longer duration according to the manufacturer quality.

1. Digital Solar powered Water Timer from Gardena

Gardena Company made solar water timer for gardeners and farmers as it is most Eco friendly with solar powered panel and batteries. People  often wish to lower your expenses and also period seeing that here is the best choice to obtain that timer.

Digital Solar powered Water Timer from Gardena

It comes with 6 cycles per day, simple program for delivering the water. The system is made to attach Gardena soil moisture sensor and Rain sensor.

If you are using seriously with your lawn as well as farm, then I recommend this particular timer tough fees substantial.

2. Orbit 62061N-91213 Single-Dial Water Timer

Orbit timer comes with one outlet and inlet for connecting at multiple times. Before buying this product, please read it how it works because you need to know according to your requirement.

Orbit Single-Dial Water Timer

Water circulation can be done from 1 to 240 minutes that is 4 hours. After that, you cannot. It is enough for this much time any garden or farm.

The second point is anybody have to set up the timer only for every 6 hours or 12 hours per day or from 1 to 7 days in a week.

Hope this clear for your understanding and if you have any questions regarding this product post in comment section.

3. Claber 8410

This is manufactured from highly corrugated material from ABS with two independent outlets. It is easily attachable to the tap and programmed with easy methods. See this article to read more about the system.

Claber 8410

4. Nelson Single Outlet Electronic Water Timer

This water timer runs with an interval of 6 hours and for a duration of 1 minute. We are able to set up 3 times in a day, according to requirement else choose another timer from the list. It is useful for sprinkler, drip irrigation either in garden or farms.

Nelson Single Outlet Timer

5. Melnor Digital Timer with 4 zone

For multiple lines this Melnor 4 Zone Digital Water Timer is suitable. It comes with large LCD display to control four valves with one inlet connected to the tap or any other resource.

Melnor Digital Timer with 4 Valves

It is simple to set the timer for every 3 to 4 hours to wake on and deliver the water also exactly 6 cycles per day. marginally use one valve two valves or three, four as pr you requirement and the rest should be closed.

This comes with metal coupling for tight connection anywhere at any pressure. Possibly connect directly to the faucet and use sprinkler valves to spray in garden or lawn.

Some Precautions:

Do not use Rechargeable batteries.
Make sure everything is connected correctly.

6. Rain Bird Hose Timer

This is simple, unique design to program up to 2 times in a day on any weekdays. This comes with fully detailed instructions, but before using this device make sure program 2 times in a day. If you satisfied for 2 cycles in a day then buy this water timer else choose another device from the list.

Rain Bird Hose Timer

7. WaterEase Programmable Timer

Have worries about delivering water to your garden or farm? This is the best product that do whatever you believe, but read all the details before buying this product.

WaterEase Programmable Timer

The water ease timer comes adjustable to set up to 4 cycles per day with 4 hours delay in rain. Water Ease also suitable for sprinkler Irrigation.

We are able to set whenever we want either every Monday or every Monday, Thursday as we wish whatever weekdays and on time.

8. Drip Irrigation Digital Timer with Water proof

This cannot useful for sprinkler as it is made for Drip Irrigation. The body is made from ABS corrosion plastic that prevent damage form rain or sun. The connection could be occurred to a 21mm tap pipe with 26.5mm threading. This is made in China therefore please see all the details from the product company.

Drip Irrigation Digital Timer

9. Hydrofarm TM01715D 7-Day Digital Program Timer

Hydrofarm is the device that offers 8 cycles per day, it means water is delivered to the plants forever 3 hours. If you want to deliver the water more over 5 times in a day then choose this product as it is even lower price to buy.

Hydrofarm TM01715D 7

Using the above timers anyone satisfy atleast with one of the product to maintain garden, lawn or farm.

If you have questions in buying these products please post in comment section or in our forums.

10. Tm 619

This is not a new thing, as we have to use a timer with solenoid valve. Make sure you should use and read our review how to set up it from our reviewed page.

Frontier Digital Timer TM 619

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