Taking care of a plant

Taking care of a plant is very important and we should support them until the plant gets enough strength to grow.I have seen recently many of my chilli plants have been died due to huge watering and even on those small plants have watered.This precautions should be taen for growing a plant.The most important is soil which is basically drying up and also their are some small stones whihc should be removed.my suggestion is get  good red soil that are near farms or near big trees.

Cocopeat is another method for growing small plants on terrace which helps for growing organci vegetables and fruits.Theeir are certian methods that can be applied to several plants but many occasions the climate changes all the time so it is very hard to keep the plant.Mixing like cow manur or horse manure will be useful for growing as a healthy plant.Mulch is another imposrtant for the plant to grow by safely.

mulch are of many types but i suggest to you use foam and dry leafs since this foam is used to keep water in them for long time and slowly sends to the plant.also cover on this foam with dried leafs so this doesnot dry up in sun. cut the foam into small pieces and dont use the large one.make sure they were like the size of the small match boxes.

Use drip system for watering the plant regulalry on the time when it required.For those who go for works on outside then use mobile drip system or timers.but also you have to know whether your plant got the water when it was the timesince if the power goes of their is no water so your plant should wait for another day to get water if you programmed the timer for once in a day.

Use pesticides if needed to kill the worms diseases etc for growing as a healthy plant.This are just my methods but their are many in the world.I will wrte some more tips in next entries.


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