Growing Gongura using stems

Growing gongura has failed few times and have been trying to figure out the problem however, I found that most of the stems have dried up after they produced three or four leaves.

I had planted one month back gongura stems in the soil and most of the stems are having 4mm thickness, healthy too. The stems got leaves after two or three days and started to grow more leaves, but after a week stems and leaves are getting dried. Though there are lots of stems nearer to each plant like 15 cms at a distance. I also maintained good water facility this time, but this gongura plant never grown more than 10 leaves for each stem.


Atlast there are two stems which are having thickness of around 6mm and this two stems had made me realize that this gongura plants can be grown. One plant got two branches and started growing leaves. I also plucked 10 leaves once I bought some gongura from market and at this time too. I planted those stems, but same situation had happened without a plant remained These stems are like coconut broom sticks, but stems getting leaves at beginning's and later dried out.

II will try to figure out more things on this gongura plant to grow in success methods. Now my two plants are in healthy and I am looking to move into a bigger pot in order to grow as a small tree

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