My chillie plants

I am describing about chilli plants, which I started from seed but didn’t succeed to grow chilies. Anyway I want to share my experiences with you all. I had used only soil neither compost nor Cocopeat that is my bad technique to fail the chillies crop. I have tried my best of knowledge to grow these plants and have been still waiting for the flowers and fruits.



Thus after two months the plants still looks like healthy and can be grown for few months. Next time I will be using Cocopeat with drip system in order to grow like Hydroponics system. I have observed many things during this chillie plants growing and have found the faults, which I did. While transplanting too I did mistakes and even I didn’t removed stones from the soil.

The best advice I suggest to you use Cocopeat and can be grown in a water bottle too. For watering I will surely provide a kit with timer so they can automatically provides enough water to them. Take a look of my chilli plants, which are still yet to grow Flowers. The best month is to seedling would be January and it can be the end in June as summer will be over. Even you can grow during the rest of year but I can sure you have to build green houses and use the electronic bulbs to provide light etc.




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