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A leading website for agriculture and farming guide.Agriculture is the one oldage school and in this days it is normal school.

Ten Videos Of Landscape Led Lighting Companies

After long time i am updating the site and want to bring alive, Solar Led Lights have been arise in the market and are being sold in every country to save power and money. I am too planning to release some of our Solar Products in future along with our Drip Irrigation Products.


How to get rid of Aphids

Aphids are small in pear shaped insects that lives on the new growth of the plants.



How to Make Self-watering Plant using Spikes

In these days,s anything is getting in trouble either drip or sprinkler Irrigation for watering the plants. I thought earlier to build a solar Irrigation system for garden, but that costs too huge. Self watering spikes are quick and handy to come at any stage any time. Please follow my tips to use these watering spikes in your garden or balcony or anywhere.


Solar Powered Water pump

In these days Solar is the only way to conserve energy and make eco friendly world. Using Solar energy we can run anything whenever we require, even in the night by backup energy from batteries. Solar water pumps are used for gardens and in pools, better they can be used in water fountains, but most use for garden plants.


Top 5 Digital Water Timers

Digital Water Timers is the essential product for Irrigation and watering to the plants of any sort either the Garden or Landscape. People often searching for the best product that suitable for them. Here are my favorite Top 5 Digital Timers that are available in the store.

1.Complete Watering Yard kit from Orbit Company


Bonsai plant

I had seen this bonsai plant in coimbatore, Bangalore and it looks very professional to grow inside home. Here people grow on terrace, inside home and balconies, as it is one greenest area in India. I recently visited to India and enjoyed at this lovely eco friendly region of Bangalore.


How to install solar landscape lights

Solar landscape lights are common to solar garden lights, and solar street lights


Digital Water timer with dual outlet from Claber

This is one of the most interesting products from the previous water timer since this timer had two programmable outlets up-to three periods in a day for each. One can program to each outlet for the desired time 0 to 23 hours and 3 times once in day only.

Before buying this product, please read information below in order to understand or else then choose another product that satisfies to you.


Control water with 3 outlets

Water timers are of different types and we need to be learn about them in order to install for various purposes. This is one of the best ready made from Orbit Digital timer products which is quite good and the price is even low compared to the single outlet water timer.


how to grow chillies from seeds

Growing chillies is one top of the crop in the world.This can be grown anywhere in the world where their is huge sunlight.Chilli plants always needed more temperature to grow or even ripe the chillies so the better season is summer.some plants survive even for years but we need to protect from them rain,cold in the respective seasons..



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