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How to make automatic watering system for plants

Today I will describe How to make automatic Irrigation water system for cheap and even it won't cost you anything. This will be very useful for those who will travel far places or on vacation. This system doesn't have any timers or pipes, but uses a 1.5 litre bottle
This is very easy to build, useful for those who wants to go on vacation having few plants only. This can protect surviving a plant up to one or two weeks depend upon the bottle size.


How to make cheap water system for garden

Gardening has become for everyone habit in these days. Many People does not water the plants in garden carefully and they throw water as much as or sometimes without water so the plant should die.
A real gardener always maintains the plants and study about them.


how to make your lawn green

Most people decorate the interior of their homes with an emphasis on their own personal design choices. Personal design choice is great if a homeowner is to live in the house for some years – but if the homeowner decides to move, then usually a more mundane blank canvass type approach to the interior design of a home is more viable.


Uses of vinegar for gardening

Vinegar is one of the powerful medicine for plants which helping grow continuously. Vinegar work for many purposes like in the kitchen, plants, animals, cars, toys and in the bathroom.

Vinegar is important to have with every gardener or else he/she must face problems with weeds, insects. Vinegar can help in removing unwanted grass. Make sure pour more vinegar so that it can be removed easily.


Simple Hydroponic Drip System

Hydroponic systems are most commonly known as Top Drip systems in the world. These are used in Green houses where there is no requirement of sunlight or rain water. Every greenhouse made with drip system to avoid spoil of greenhouse also saves the dirt flooding on the floor. Here, I had bought some spare plastic dustbins from a known friend where they are manufacturing. In the market you can find plastic dustbins at cheap prices or else use Paint buckets. Its not mandatory to use something that we used.
Let's start building Drip System:


Water overflow controller

Saving a drop of water will always help use in the future, but most of the world doesn't care for the water and they use as they wishes, but this is wrong had to learn lesson. Overflow from tank has been always happening if didn't put switch off the pump also we need to climb on the roof and look into the tank then make switch off. In the modern are there are some methods has come up like installing some sensors in the tank and measuring them through LEDS wherever we wish to see the level of water in tank. This has made in the modern days to save time and water.


Disadvantages of drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation costs are always higher the initial margin and subscribing fees. Maintaining fees is more than actual rates of parts and installation.
In the summer season and during the hot days drip irrigation lateral pipes will be shortening their lives, but one must should use water in the sun shore so it can come for more years.


Gongura Seeds from plant

The Kenaf plant has been grown  into 2 feets and started to get buds as the plant was still in 3 litres of jar.I have thought to move it into the bigger once but no time and have to take care.


How to make cheap solar electric fencing

Solar Energy can useful for various purposes and it is almost free, life long. Still today most parts of this world does not use solar energy, even they don't learn education on this free energy.


History of Drip Irrigation

Micro Irrigation known as Drip Irrigation or Trickle Irrigation which help save water, fertilizers and allows drip slowly to the surface of the soil' or at the plant. One can customize the speed water Drip for feeding the plant using this method. There are several components to use this drip system.



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