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A leading website for agriculture and farming guide.Agriculture is the one oldage school and in this days it is normal school.

Win free irrigation kits

i was busy with some work so i am  unable to update the site.here what i am offering is free irrigation kits.

just look for the news in our forum for the contest.

here the contest goes for writiing valuable ocntent on our site like DIY only on plants and garden.

The first contest will launch once we made everything If you have any questions please post in our forum


Choosing plants for the home

Before you buy a houseplant it makes sense to think about the questions below. What is the role he would play in the house: the role of a pet or the role of interior decoration. If the former, you will be enough skill to grow this plant if you can build him the conditions for normal development. If the plant is assigned the role of decoration, and then treat him to as a bouquet of cut flowers: well, if longer remain decorative, but then do not complain that it dead or pretended to be dead.


Automatic Lawn mower

Lawn mower is requireent for everyone but before buying everyone should know for their requirement and most of them looks for cheap one in this world.Any way this lawn mower is for less price only and it will save a lot of time so you can spend the time with other works.You can even sleep while your lown mower bot will do all the work whatever you have to be done.


Taking care of a plant

Taking care of a plant is very important and we should support them until the plant gets enough strength to grow.I have seen recently many of my chilli plants have been died due to huge watering and even on those small plants have watered.This precautions should be taen for growing a plant.The most important is soil which is basically drying up and also their are some small stones whihc should be removed.my suggestion is get  good red soil that are near farms or near big trees.


Twelve station timer for sprinkler system

Orbit watermaster technologies had made twelve station water timer for easy watering to the plants and it even controlled by the remote control.This has built for easy user interface and prograaming too with bright backlight display.This device can be used in indoor activity since it acnnot reach far places."It displays in multi language english,spanish,german,and itallian.



How to grow toor dal

Toor dal is a special for everyone and for indians it is necessary item everyday.Since toor dal is very tasty and had many types colors too.The colors are red yellow the red one is very small but not called toor dal.Ill describe how i am planted toor dal.


Growing gongura plant aka kenaf

Gongura plants are of two types as far as i know but i dont know much about different types in countries or locations.Here we get two types of plants one is green and the other is red which is very soar and this is used for making chutney and in dall.This leaves are so much tasty cooking with any vegeterians.


Parts of drip irrigation part 2

I am going to show some of the products that are being used in drip irrigation system.I earlier describved about them but didnot shown anything A system depends upon the plant that should be watered some may use emitters where water is required less but in most cases spray jets and 5 mm take offs can be used for continous watering.Banan plants needed huge water for them to grow so it can be arranged with small pipe connected to main 12 mmpipe.



Orbit Digital water timer for garden and lawn

Orbit company has develeoped many solenoid valves controllers adn this is one of from them.The part orbit 91213 one dial timer which connects for every day once it setup.The product has a large LCD display so it can be easily visible to everyone.This orbit garden hose can easily able to program and adjust and run.One can able to setup when he/she wants the water and how much time to flow.



Parts of Drip irrigation system

Many persons don't know the basic parts for drip irrigation system so i am going to describe about them and how to use.Valves valves are of two types and they can be used for on / off water flow just like a switch for turning on light.

manual valves:This are just like our water taps which can be controlled by ourselves.This are for oldest technology since in this days automatic valves are using to save energy and water time etc.



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