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Advice for home gardeners using drip irrigation

Irrigation has been divided into several parts.Garden irrigation is one of most important for houses and even growing vegetables in front of houses or backyards.spraying water directly to plants is not suitable since the plants needs enough water to grow pouring a lot of water is also brings to the death of plant. For this important facts drip irrigation is the best suitable for gardens and can even take rest or even if you go on tours or far away for days then you can use timers or remote watering system. 


Amazing tips to grow tomatoes in pots


Growing tomatoes or vegetables in pots is very hard since the water doesn’t flow out of the pot easily and have to take care but drip irrigation methods can solve easily.I will describe here some steps how to grow them in pots.

If you are starting to grow from seeds then I will recommend to pour some seeds in one pot because once the seed grow into plant we can move it into separate pots as required for the plant. Once they started to grow plants it must be kept under sunlight or else use flouroscent light 18 hours. I recommend placing it directly under sunlight. 

why a farmer suicides in india ?


Every year we see a lot of farmers suicides because of their loss in farming.I have readed in several newspapers and watched in news but my thoughts are due to government laziness.I can describe why this farmer will get loss. Actually this farmer buy seeds or pests from fake shops and they wont work all the time also most of the rainy season the plants will get destroyed away in the rain.

sprinkler irrigation


sprinkler is the best type of irrigation for gardening


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