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Self Watering Spikes

An overview of Water Spikes :

Water Spikes are useful for Plants because they provide water straight to the roots while Drip Irrigation offers water only on the ground. There is a lot of distinction between Drip and water spikes Irrigation. These water spike not only provide water, but they are more useful for offering plant food where we need to protect from sunlight, in that case these spikes offer outstanding things.

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Bottle Irrigation Method

This video shows how to irrigate the plants when we are far or unable to water the plants. I am still in confuse from this method because never did such type of Irrigation. The guy says plants drink the water when they need or else the water will be safe in the bottle as it comes for few days.


While using Water spikes we faced to water the plants for few days because of the air and the water was unable to stop from overflowing.


Simple Hydroponic Drip System

Hydroponic systems are most commonly known as Top Drip systems in the world. These are used in Green houses where there is no requirement of sunlight or rain water. Every greenhouse made with drip system to avoid spoil of greenhouse also saves the dirt flooding on the floor. Here, I had bought some spare plastic dustbins from a known friend where they are manufacturing. In the market you can find plastic dustbins at cheap prices or else use Paint buckets. Its not mandatory to use something that we used.
Let's start building Drip System:

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