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Using a Worm Compost Bin

The worm compost bin is effective because of the composting capabilities that the worms do. In this method the worm is the core in composting the soil, and since worms have the abilities to help maintain the circulation of the ecosystem, it certifies the gardeners that it will be a mutual relationship between the plants and the worms. This is to say that, worms have its own course in tending the plants and other symbiotic living things in order for the ecosystem to work.


How to Make Self-watering Plant using Spikes

In these days,s anything is getting in trouble either drip or sprinkler Irrigation for watering the plants. I thought earlier to build a solar Irrigation system for garden, but that costs too huge. Self watering spikes are quick and handy to come at any stage any time. Please follow my tips to use these watering spikes in your garden or balcony or anywhere.


How to make automatic watering system for plants

Today I will describe How to make automatic Irrigation water system for cheap and even it won't cost you anything. This will be very useful for those who will travel far places or on vacation. This system doesn't have any timers or pipes, but uses a 1.5 litre bottle
This is very easy to build, useful for those who wants to go on vacation having few plants only. This can protect surviving a plant up to one or two weeks depend upon the bottle size.


Uses of vinegar for gardening

Vinegar is one of the powerful medicine for plants which helping grow continuously. Vinegar work for many purposes like in the kitchen, plants, animals, cars, toys and in the bathroom.

Vinegar is important to have with every gardener or else he/she must face problems with weeds, insects. Vinegar can help in removing unwanted grass. Make sure pour more vinegar so that it can be removed easily.


How to make cheap solar electric fencing

Solar Energy can useful for various purposes and it is almost free, life long. Still today most parts of this world does not use solar energy, even they don't learn education on this free energy.


Solar fence for Animals

PreviousIy I had described solar fencing for vegetable gardens now talking about animals fencing. In most countries animals fencing is used and in this it is good for using solar fencing which saves fuel. Animal fencing is mainly suitable for sheep's grazing, which is quite low cost and easily Here we use five or six strands for animal fencing so that it can be used for Horses cattle, pigs, sheep's. This is also suitable for Large Agricultural farms.


Bucket Drip System

Bucket Drip system was one of the old method where pumps, filters are not required.This is very simple system just like our roof tanks connected but in this drip system we should make it connected tight so that the water should not be wasted. This Bucket drip system can be used for small farms lke 100 plants or specially suited for gardens.

Let start the System how shall we make


Buying guide for Irrigation system

Many wants to know what type components should they buy for their small garden irrigation. I have previously described about components, but now I am telling what type of components you need for small or large garden. Most of them have been wondered how do we connect or use this drip irrigation system?

Drip Irrigation is very important to save environment from water shortage, most of them in rural areas are wasting the water from the taps. Spriklers are the other end to save and conserve the water, but they are not suitable for small gardens and even needs more pressure.


Top 15 Tips to save Water from daily usage

Here are some of the tips I am describing to save the water for future use.


1. Don't shower long time and even use a bucket of water to do instead from directly tap.

2. Find the leaks of your water pipe and make fix if there are any leaks.

3. Wash vegetables in a basin of water instead from tap water.

4. Close the tap before or after filling the pots or tanks.

5. Use an automatic turn on and off for top water tankers in order to avoid overflow from the tank.


Container Drip System

I am writing this because of many persons had asked about container water solutions.Most of them who travel from one station to other station and don't have time for watering to their plants.If this plants don't get water for 2 or 3 days then they would die however i had earlier told automatic water system but that has brought some problems in using.Some even don't know how to connect them or use.



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