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Hydroponics Farming Guide

Greenhouse Garden

Greenhouse Garden

Growing plants in serial using Hydroponics – Source

Introduction of Hydroponics : You will be learning in this guide of basic Hydroponics, resources, and its functionality that used with newest Technological innovation. In Hydroponics a person can grow anything without soil or sun, since these uses most advanced technology and these days solar lighting is used to grow many vegetables.

Hydroponics at QO, Sparklerweg

Hydroponics at QO, Sparklerweg – Source

Greenhouse Garden

Greenhouse Garden – Source

The purpose of Hydroponics continues to grow vegetation using nutrient vitamin alternatives without soil that is also known as as ‘Hydroculture. In these Contemporary days we see Hydroponics is the best solution for increasing vegetables and people too made a decision for using Hydroponics. (more…)

Self Watering Spikes

water spikes

water spikes

An overview of Water Spikes :

Water Spikes are useful for Plants because they provide water straight to the roots while Drip Irrigation offers water only on the ground. There is a lot of distinction between Drip and water spikes Irrigation. These water spike not only provide water, but they are more useful for offering plant food where we need to protect from sunlight, in that case these spikes offer outstanding things. (more…)

Bottle Irrigation Method

Water spike on bottle

Water spike on bottle

This video shows how to irrigate the plants when we are far or unable to water the plants. I am still in confuse from this method because never did such type of Irrigation. The guy says plants drink the water when they need or else the water will be safe in the bottle as it comes for few days.


While using Water spikes we faced to water the plants for few days because of the air and the water was unable to stop from overflowing. (more…)

Fake Water Spikes on Ebay, Amazon

water spike leak

water spike leak

These water spikes are bought from ebay india and Ive tested them, but really sucks the water and it even leaks from neck. The price for these six pieces are 350 INR that is around $5.5 and now they are not a worth at all. It really a waste of time and money from these ebayer, amazon sellers.. The length of each spike is 85 mm around, made from Poply propylene plastic. The threads are really a crappy that doesn’t even fits on some bottles. (more…)

4 in 1 Instrument PH Soil Tester

PH Tester

PH Tester

4 in 1 (PH Value + Temperature + Moisture + Sunlight Tester) Plant Soil Survey Instrument

This Product is very useful for evey gardener as it helps to prevent from the PH nd sunlight etc. Plants always grow in neat condition when you test with this instrument. make sure every gardener should have one in their home.

PH Tester

PH Tester

1. 4 in 1 ground study device can test wetness of ground, PH value, heat range and atmosphere sunshine strength using a sensor / probe with the duration of 200mm. The unit can easily show various numbers with oversize LCD. (more…)

Using a Worm Compost Bin

The worm compost bin is effective because of the composting capabilities that the worms do. In this method the worm is the core in composting the soil, and since worms have the abilities to help maintain the circulation of the ecosystem, it certifies the gardeners that it will be a mutual relationship between the plants and the worms. This is to say that, worms have its own course in tending the plants and other symbiotic living things in order for the ecosystem to work. (more…)